For someone who’s been with a woman for well over two years, who’s primary language was once Russian, one would think he’d have a better grasp on the language — but he doesn’t. It’s still fairly spotty, broken, albeit he does know enough to get the jist of what they’re saying.


    The word elicited a chortle from the rest of mob, though they were not the only ones. Jason too, let a laugh escape him, the corners of his lips curling upward into a smirk, emerald hues boring into the face his ‘captor’, an underlying sharpness lingering just beneath. They took him for a fool, some poor, stupid American who’d wandered unwittingly into their operation, and thusly, into his own demise. Little did they know, however, that this particular Amerikos, was armed to the teeth and exactly where he wanted to be. Perhaps he hadn’t quite expected such a large grouping, but the scene itself? Perfect.

    He’d mapped out this little rendezvous weeks in advance. Plotting, researching, staging, from the moment he’d caught wind of their arrival. He’d already been fairly seasoned in this sort of deathcraft, but when this particular branch of scum put his family in their crosshairs, he suddenly had a much greater, more malicious motivation fueling his stride. He didn’t bother to mention it to Anya. In fact he insisted on keeping her in the dark about this. As much as he knew she was fully capable of handling such a situation, and had every right to know, he was becoming exceedingly leery of her involvement in such instances.

                                                     “Что смешного, мальчик?

    The grip on the collar of his shirt grew tighter, whilst his patience began to wane. “У меня есть ощущение , что это изменит , как только я скажу вам, что мы делаем, чтобы любопытных людей , таких , как самого себя." The pistol, tucked away within the confines of his jacket, seemed to be slowly burning a hole into the fabric — itching to imbed a few rounds into the skulls of these dirtbags. Albeit if he were to do so successfully (and ‘safely’), he’d need to be tactful in his approach — wait for a more opportune moment to present itself — for he was significantly outnumbered, not to mention they too, were heavily armed.

                                 ——Patience, Jason. Patience.


Now you’re probably all wondering why I brought you here today.
—————> im so laaaaame ignore me.

Just a quick FF post because I reached 200 a few hours. Thanks to
all the people who did follow me. I really appreciate it, and I’m sure
my muse did too. You kinda…fed to his ego ifyaknowwhatimsayin’.

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Jason Todd,
Secret Origins 005

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                                                    I am a beast.

                                                    I am a m o n st e r. 

                                                    But you don’t get to DICTATE what I do. 

                                                    I kill on my own terms. 

                                                    Because I want to, not y o u

                                                    I am a ᴡᴏʟғ with a pack that I will d̷i̴e̴ to protect.

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Sorry that I haven’t done much thread wise today. I’ve been in the process of revamping my entire blog (for real this time), and what a process it has been. I’m a little over halfway through I think…just have to tackle the two biggies — the verse and relationship pages — that I’ve been putting off for forever because ugh work…and a couple of minor things I felt the need to add, and then I think I’m going to call it quits. It’ll make me a lot less twitchy about my blog, anyway…

But anywho. I will be returning to threads tomorrow, so for those who are waiting on me for replies, they’re coming, I swear!

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Red Hood and Batman,
Secret Origins 005

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The Beginning

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Batman #646

How much do I love sassmaster Jason Todd, let me count the ways…

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Jason Todd. Once a Robin,always an ass..

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Death didn’t do anything except slow me down a little - Jason Todd

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