“Whoa there, sweetheart. Why don’t we put the sais down, hm?”

What doesn’t kill me should run, because now I’m fucking pissed —(via meaty-bicycle)
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He deserved it

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     The Red Hood’s grip on the steering wheel becomes vice-like as he follows through, attempting to counter-steer. In his defense, it’s rather hard keeping a vehicle with a blown out tire from careening out of control — actually, it’s nearly next to impossible — but he does it the best he can, all things considering.

     “—Not a word, Frank. Not a word. I can already tell by the look on your face, you have something to say. So just save it, and get these assholes off our tail instead, alright?

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     There is multifarious chuckling to exude
     as the Nosferatu utilizes his prowess of
     intangibility to phase through a wall and
     promptly pilfer one of Red Hood’s pistols.

    The Red Hood abruptly turns, the string of
    laughter having alerted him. Deft hands swiftly
    reach for his pistols — though he’s already far
    too late. Dammit.    

                     “Again, Alucard…really?

So, it may just be me, but I feel like in the recent Red Hood and the Outlaws: Future’s End comic the original Jason Todd I learned to love finally came back to us. 

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CRASHES THROUGH YOUR WINDOW. I’m alive. I swear. College, family and just life in general has been really crazy these past few weeks…I promise I’ll get on here more often…juuust not tonight. Tomorrow though…ooor the next day for sure. 8P If anyone would like to start something please shoot me a message or just like this post. I’ll be happy to throw something at you. Length will vary, depending on how fickle Jay wants to be for me. ;w;

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Jason jumping off a plane and giving readers a very nice view~
Red Hood and the Outlaws: Futures End #1

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       “You know how much I’d pay to see you and Frank go at it? No. Not in THAT way. You’re disgusting. I’m talkin’ in a crazy guns blazing, knives flinging, explosions ringing fight to the death, sort of way. WAIT, wait — no. I already know how this ends. SPOILER ALERT — he totally kicks the shit out of you and sticks a knife through your…”


    An irritated sigh escaped from beneath the mask, hand grazing slowly over the front. He was going to have a long talk with Anya, about who and what they allowed in their house from now on.

                —— “Do you ever shut up? I swear to god, I can’t take you anywhere.”